Short Stories


March 2024

“Tejean reclined in the lab chair and ate the last living dragonfly with a bit of honey and a tiny sprinkle of salt from the barren crater that used to be the Dead Sea.”

Ex-Puritan, Issue 63

December 2023

“There was a slurping sound, tearing, chewing then deep gulps and gasps. Against the roots. Giles sighed and looked down. All he could see was a tail, wide, flared, iridescent. It could have been a fish tail, but he knew it wasn’t….The water sprite was back.”

Aurealis, Issue 166

November 2023

“I keep thinking about that little girl, the one that they carried halfway across the country, and she was screaming and crying most of the way. It was sad when she died. It wasn’t the trees, you know. It was starvation, maybe exposure, but it wasn’t the trees. They were just the carriers. In the end, I don’t think they understood what she needed. They rescued her and treated her like a sapling, but humans can’t live on just rain and sunshine.” — Tami, Park Ranger.

Midnight & Indigo, Volume III

October 2023

“…you could wish to be a mythical creature for a day, sometimes a week, and if you were favored and lucky, maybe longer, though anything longer than a week required approval from the wish company and they were free to deny you, however that usually didn’t happen. It wasn’t a bestial wish, but an embodiment, and the disclaimers did cover accidents, though none ever happened. The wish business was just that—a business.”

Nightlight Podcast, Episode 622

September 2023

“For a while, the flattery was enough to alleviate Tenaya’s concerns. That is, until the morning she woke, and overnight, the veins of green had covered her whole arm, right up to her shoulder. The lines were thicker now, darker in places, with the outline of leaves sprouting just under the skin. She cut into a spot at one point and screeched when an actual leaf popped out.”

Zooscape, Issue 18

August 2023

“He wouldn’t act like an irrational horse. He was a nightmare. Nightmares were not irrational.”

Andromeda Spaceways, Issue 90

May 2023

“No matter what the picture books said, fairies did not look like dolls.”

Agatha's Monster

Writers of the Future, Issue 38

April 2022

“And he did, bounding across the last patches of shadow, his body making liquid leaps from one scrap of darkness to another until finally, he was balanced on the edge of the window, bringing the scent of blood and outside with him.”

The Martian Chronicle

December 2021

“In a small shop, in the center of the city, it was known that people could purchase brand new days. Not just any days, but sparkling, iridescent ones, the best times of your life.”

Aurealis Magazine

May 2021

“As the twilight of my twelfth life fades, I realize the person I hear laughing, is me.”

Ripples in Space Podcast

March 2021

“None of the two-legged animals’ positive qualities changed the fact that they were crude parasites that had nearly overrun the planet at one point. They left nothing but carnage and waste in their wake.”

Remapping Wonderland: Classic Fairytales Retold by People of Color

January 2021

“The world wasn’t just her oyster, it was her sea, and she was the queen of it all.”

The Martian Chronicle

December 2020

“Most people believed that the crooked were obviously crooked, but most villains were like that Hyde guy Jericho remembered from the novel he had to read in 10th grade AP English.”

Tunnel of Lost Stories

October 2020

“I dyed my mother’s wedding dress pitch black and streaked it with psychedelic rainbow hues along the neckline, the front of the skirt and in the alternating rows of the lace train.”

Miracle Monocle

April 2019

“…she reminded him of Jeannie, that sable girl who’d danced across a forgotten meadow in a place from so long ago that it may have been a daydream.”

The Rusty Nail

September 2014

“I like being Mia. No one has to know it’s short for Leukemia.” I shrug, and smile at the girl in the mirror, who is me, but doesn’t look anything like me.”