Musing Publications: Bloom and Blossom

May 2023

“we, I, you, are the paradox, the sad and glorious, violent and repressive, the known and the unspoken. “

Rogue Agent

December 2021

“We meet at the table, our phones the plates, our voices the utensils, our pain the food.”

Beyond Words Literary Magazine

January 2021

“Loving you is eating sunshine-infused glass, naked, on a park bench in January and liking it.”

The Chaffey Review

January 2015

“inside that stucco house where chili pepper and cayenne sizzled through the air, and rosaries dripped from surfaces.”


Burningword Literary Journal

July 2014

“Long before crumpled metal and flames, they were fire, lava furies taunting the darkness with their light. “